Why do they say that Silvina Luna is depressed: “She doesn’t want me to…”

After having gone through a new hospitalization due to his health problems, they revealed that Silvina Moon He is going through a very difficult emotional moment and that he would be going through a strong depression.

In the Show Partners program they gave details about the complex emotional situation that the actress and model is trying to overcome after an accident that triggered many health problems.

According to the information, the former participant of El Hotel de los Famosos was on a boat at the beginning of June, where she got a wound from which she contracted a bacterium that entered her body and caused a serious infection.

This accidental situation that led to that infection by that bacterium was added to the well-known health problems that the model previously had and whose combo caused her to be hospitalized.

“Doctors had to start compensating and attacking this bacterium, but given the health situation he already has, it is proving to be complicated. They are waiting and searching for medication to combat it,” he commented. Paula Varela.

“She is very depressed. She doesn’t even want her friends to be near her. Her only family is her brother, who lives far away. Her friends contacted him and asked him to return urgently to Argentina to accompany her, so her brother is traveling to be close to her at this time, “added the panelist.