Why do you compare Camila Sodi with Thalía?

Camila Sodi managed to build an independent acting career, but the truth is that it is impossible that from time to time, she is compared to Thalía, her aunt.

What happens with both celebrities is that not only are they very similar physically, but they also have almost the same voice, use similar words and share a particular sense of humor, with which they amuse their fans.

In fact, Diego Luna’s ex-wife posted a video on her Instagram account, in which she commented: “Get over it, Thalía and I love each other and we look alike because we are family of love”also using a filter that made her look the same as the interpreter of “Amor a la Mexicana”.

Despite the fact that Thalía has lived in New York for many years with her husband, the renowned businessman Tommy Mottola, and the two children they had, Sodi maintains a very close bond with her and visits her whenever he can. When she does, they both film themselves enjoying delicious dinners, walking through the streets of that big city, and even making pranks that everyone participates in.

All this shows that despite the fact that the singer has been involved in some conflicts with her sisters, Camila is not involved in them and prefers to enjoy her aunt’s affection.