Why does Amber Heard dress similar to Johnny Depp in the trial that faces them for defamation?

The trial for defamation between the actors Amber Heard (36) and Johnny Depp (58) entered its third week, time in which the ex-husbands have already presented their testimonies and evidence of their stormy relationship. However, not only the abuses and violence have grabbed the headlines; also a detail that although it might seem superficial, for the public it has a hidden message between the ex-partner

Its about locker room of the actress of Aquaman, who on several occasions copied the style of her ex-husband to appear in court in Fairfax, Virginia (USA). How do the experts interpret it?

Internet users and media analyze this detail that they do not consider as mere chance. The Marvelous Psychology Facebook page shared the theory of Karen Pine, a British graduate in Developmental Psychology and author of the book Be careful what you wear: the Psychology of Fashion (2014), who identifies this action as vested cognition.

As he explains, the wardrobe can influence the emotions of the person who wears it and those who look at it. “Dressing the same means camaraderie, loyalty, ‘the same tribe, the same army, the same school’. Seeing her dressed like this, he is seeing himself dressed (the colors and shapes of what we see are recorded in her subconscious) and it is evident that Amber Heard is sending signals to Johnny to don’t be hard on her in court“, he points.

“Everything indicates that she is advised by a psychologist. As can be seen in the broadcasts, all the time is looking for eye contact with Johnny“, they analyze on the site.

Similarly, the Spanish media outlet Marca consulted experts to ensure that Amber “seeks to sway opinion on how she feels by trying to imitate Depp and wearing similar outfits“.

And it is that theories about the relationship between psychology and fashion have been debated for years, especially about its influence on mood.

The suits of controversy

On the second day of the trial, Johnny Depp appeared dressed in all black, a look that Amber copied the next day. The most striking detail, replicated in both, was a bee detail tie that the actor usually incorporates into his clothing in his personal life and that is now part of the actress’s closet.

And so it happened on other days, in which Heard appeared with suits, waistcoats, tailored pants and ties, marking a new style.