why he was in danger for a long time…

An unsurprising elimination, but one that hurts

Maxime understood this very quickly: he is in the hot seat. From the beginning, his red comrades didn’t really care to see him garnering a lot of votes against him. Maxime finds this sidelining difficult. In pairs with Louana, he imagines being able to continue the adventure since she has the support of many adventurers. But alliances are made and broken in Koh-Lanta. Finally, Ambre and François turn against the young woman by voting for Maxime.

I took a blow, assures the young man to the Purepeople journalisteven though my name had already appeared several times on the board. The goal in this game is to stay as long as possible and when it stops, it’s bound to be a disappointment.“.

Maxime however sees the possibility of staying by sharing a strategy with Géraldine and Fouzi, in danger. ” They were in danger. And I said to myself that there was perhaps something to be done to regain control of this green team which, for the moment, has control over the game. I try to offer them to save them to return the game. I had been a pawn for a long time, I had no control over my game. I ate my black bread for a long time. There while doing the accounts I saw that there was an opportunity to regain control, it was now or never“.

An initiative which does not bear fruit since the former yellows vote against him (with in addition a second vote for Olga), and two reds also.

A lack of chemistry with the adventure girls

Since the start of the adventure, the lack of chemistry between Maxime and his fellow red girls has been striking. Pauline, Louana and Ambre had trouble with him. She criticizes him in particular for his behavior towards food. But the candidate does not really understand the criticisms made of him:

Quite frankly, I felt like I managed my hunger very well, in the sense that I didn’t suffer from it any more than the others. On the other hand, it is true that I looked carefully at the number of pieces of cassava that I received. But maybe that’s because I’m in a family of three and I’m used to fighting for food.“.

The moment Fouzi’s cassava bowl disappears, suspicion turns to him, even though no candidate clearly names him: ” I was suspected, no one accused me by name. In fact, it turns out that I had eaten after the others. We don’t have the time, but they must have eaten around 2 p.m., while I wanted to go to bed with a full stomach, I had eaten later. Besides watching other people’s ends, I was the perfect suspect. Finally, we still don’t know what happened with this bowl. Mystery“.

Ten kilos lost for Maxime in the adventure

When Maxime returns home, he wastes no time and returns to work two days after landing. Weakened and emaciated, he wants to return to his normal life: “ Apart from eating disorders, I haven’t had any other problems. I ate four times more than before, I bought chocolate bars or that kind of thing whereas before I walked past and it didn’t even speak to me, I took three pain au chocolat… I ate a lot for a month, a month and a half. Whereas normally I have an extremely healthy lifestyle and it doesn’t even occur to me to eat fat“.

Even if he didn’t stay long enough to face the scale (candidates can weigh themselves to find out the weight lost), Maxime was able to say how many kilos he had lost during the adventure: ” I had lost 10 kilos during Koh-Lanta, I regained 12 on my return. But within a month, I lost the extra 2 pounds. I’m back to my ideal weight“.

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