Why is Eddie Hidalgo called “Mere Crazy”? | Suzy Diaz | | show business

Oscar Eddie Hidalgo Lamabetter known as the ‘Crazy grouper’, gained great popularity in the local show after his controversial romances with Naamin Timoyco and Susy Diaz. With a very fun and outgoing personality, the “cevichero” used to be in the midst of scandals, and he continually appeared on various television programs, due to the multiple breakups he had with Florcita Polo’s mother in their nine-year relationship. These were caused by Hidalgo’s many infidelities, which marked the end of his love relationship with the former vedette. However, he is also a prosperous businessman who had very humble beginnings and who has managed to carry out his gastronomic business from his native Tumbes until he moved to Lima at just 22 years old, accompanied by Mercedes, his wife. back then.