“Why is she so fat?” : Jelena Dokic attacked on her weight, she raises her voice

Jelena Dokic did not lose her backhand to respond to her detractors. Professional tennis player between 1998 and 2014, the former sportswoman turned consultant. Currently in Melbourne on the occasion of the Australian Open, she interviews the players after their match for Channel 9. And since her appearance on the small screen, Jelena Dokic has continued to receive many insults. This Monday, January 23, the 39-year-old Australian took over her Instagram account to denounce the “body shaming” and the “fat shaming” of which she was the victim over the past twenty-four hours. Jelena Dokic has indeed been the target of many insulting remarks from all over the world, but particularly from Serbia. And surprisingly, a good number of these criticisms were made by women. “So much for ‘women support women'”, she revealed by revealing one of the messages she received. Before adding: “People should be so ashamed! The most common comment is “What happened to her, why is she so fat?”

From then on, the former world number 4 took advantage of this publication to cry from the heart. “I’ll tell you what happened, I find a way to survive and fight. And it really doesn’t matter what I do and what happened ’cause size shouldn’t matter”, she continued. And to lament: “What matters is the online abuse, bullying and humiliation of fat people. That’s what matters, because those of you who do are just bad, mean, ignorant people.” Last year, the former tennis player said she had been harassed and beaten by her father Damir for years. Jelena Dokic opened up about her mental healtheven revealing to have been close to suicide.

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Jelena Dokic determined to fight “for all those who are mistreated”

If she decided to fight for herself, Jelena Dokic also wants to be the spokesperson for people who have been victims of this kind of humiliation. “I am here, I fight for all those who are mistreatedbig shame…”, she assured. Although she is aware of not “to be able to change the world”the ex-tenniswoman wants “keep talking, to denounce this behavior and to use (its) platform to support other people”. By speaking out against these injustices, Jelena Dokic wishes help victims feel less alone and afraid.

At the end of this publication, Jelena Dokic wanted to thank her many supporters as well as her “trolls”. “(…) because you give me so much motivation and inspiration to do what i do and to fight against people like you.”she concluded.

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