Why Kelly McGillis won’t be in the cast of the new Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in the movie Top Gun (1987). Paramount Pictures

As Tom Cruise tours the red carpets to showcase the new Top Gun: Maverickfans will notice the absence from the cast of Kelly McGillis, the one who played the great love of Pete Mitchell in the 1986 film.

Iceman and Maverick but without Charlie. While the cast of Top Gun: Maverick prepares to climb the steps of the Palace during the 75and Cannes Film Festival, it would seem that a former protagonist of the 1986 production is missing. Indeed, according to the film team, the character of Kelly McGillis has not been re-auditioned since he does not appear in the script of this new feature film.

“Big and old”

In an interview for Insider Joseph Kosinski, the director of the new Top Gun, said that he didn’t “want every storyline to always look back to the past.” In 2019, when the sequel to the famous 1986 action movie was announced, Kelly McGillis reacted in an interview for EntertainmentTonight and advanced another hypothesis. “I’m old, I’m fat, and my looks match my age. This is not what is wanted for the film. I much prefer to feel good about myself and true to my age, than to value any other consideration.

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A new school romance

In the midst of pilot apprentices and US Navy planes, Tom Cruise will still have the right to a little romance. While the director decided that it was “important to introduce new characters”, he integrates Jennifer Connelly, who will play Penny Benjamin, into the cast. In the first film, she was only mentioned as “the Admiral’s daughter” whom Maverick had an affair with.

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For this new feature film, she would have become a single mother who owns a bar near the flight school where the character of Tom Cruise returns to teach. “Penny Benjamin is a character we’ve heard of but never seen before; it was an incredible opportunity to bring the character of Jennifer Connelly into this film,” said Joseph Kosinski. The film is expected in theaters on May 25 and will be screened out of competition at the 75and Cannes film festival.

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