Why ‘La pajarita’ from ‘Until silver do us part’ disappeared from TV

This week a new version of Till money do us part, which on this occasion will be starring Sebastián Martínez and Carmen Villalobos. And of course, viewers will find a new ‘Pajarita’.

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Juliette Pardau will be the one who now puts herself in the shoes of Vicky, the intense (and a bit annoying) girlfriend of Rafael Méndez (Sebastián). However, viewers have not yet forgotten the original ‘Pajarita’, which was played by actress Liliana González.

But, what has happened to the artist after 16 years of its original broadcast? Currently, Liliana is living abroad, exactly in the United States. Precisely for that reason it has not reappeared on the Colombian small screen. It is worth mentioning that her last character on the national screen was in the second part of the nocturnala production that was broadcast by Caracol in 2020.

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Her photos on Instagram reveal that, in recent times, the actress has focused a lot on her family: on raising her son and her relationship with fellow actor Gary Forero. In addition, she on her social media has also invited her followers to join her acting workshops.

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If you missed the original story, here is a brief summary of the plot: it all begins when Alejandra Maldonado and Rafael Méndez meet in the middle of a traffic accident.

Being responsible for it, Rafael must pay a high compensation to Alejandra, and that is when they begin to work together. At first they will hate each other, but eventually the sparks of love will come out.

Some time ago, through her social networks, Liliana González made it clear to her fans that this character is past and that she loved the idea of ​​a remake when she found out about the release.

“It’s a great idea. (Fernando) Gaitán’s librettos are so good, it’s sure to be a hit! And my ‘Bow Tie’ for me is past! And I like to live in the present”.