Why Marco Antonio Solís did not see his daughter for 10 years

Marco Antonio Solis has been reborn together with Los Bukis now with his new tour, however, not everything has been hunky-dory in the singer’s life, especially in the family after he didn’t see his daughter for 10 yearshe lost the important thing and now he tries to recover it.

Although he has not stopped continuing in the music industry, the 63-year-old singer had already left the stage a bit to be close to his family, but in the past that had not happened like this, dedicating more time to his career than the rest.

And it is that now that it has more than four decades of impeccable trajectory, Marco Antonio Solis ‘El Buki’ she can look back and realize what she lost the day she stopped seeing her daughter Beatrice Solisfruit of his relationship with Beatriz Adriana in the 80s when they got married.

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Let us remember that his marriage to the singer It did not last long, because one of the main reasons that was said was that with so much fame that the singer from Michoacán had, infidelities were already part of his day to day, something that Beatriz Adriana could not stand and they ended up separating.

Marco Antonio Solís did not see his daughter for 10 years, he missed what was important. Photo: Instagram

But with that separation, little Beatriz also stopped seeing her father, because once they ended their marriage, ‘El Buki’ now remarried the Cuban model. Christy Soliswith whom he had Marla and Alison, leaving aside his daughter from his old marriage.

Currently, Beatrice Solis He gets along very well with his younger sisters, but that was not always the case, since in the past he revealed in a television interview that he had been 10 years without seeing his fatherand she thought that if he hadn’t been there for her for so long then she didn’t want to know anything about him either.

Marco Antonio Solís did not see his daughter for 10 years, he missed what was important. Photo: Instagram

At that time, the interview was to introduce his first son Leonardo when he was just 18 years old: “He didn’t care about me as a daughter. I don’t think he cares about my career. I want to stand out on my own, not because I am Buki’s daughter.”

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It would not be until 2010 when Marco Antonio Solís and his daughter Beatriz smoothed things over in the face of the lost years when communication was only by telephone, and after reconciling it was when Buki produced some songs for him as a soloist and now they get along very well.

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