Why Omar Sy did not sign the platform for Emmanuel Macron: “At some point, that’s enough”

On the movie poster Far from the ring roadbroadcast on Netflix, Omar Sy gave an interview to the Parisian, this Saturday, May 7. In this interview, the actor reveals why he did not sign the call for 500 artists to vote for Emmanuel Macron.

In promotion for the film by Louis Leterrier, far from the ring road‘, in which he plays alongside Laurent Lafitte, Omar Sy answered questions from our colleagues at Parisian, this Saturday, May 7. On this occasion, the actor of Intouchables explained why he refused to sign, on April 15, the call for 500 artists to vote for Emmanuel Macron. The former acolyte of Fred Testot claimed to have had the impression of having become “a political animal” beforesystematically give (one’s) opinion when something happened in France. “At some point, enough is enough”, he judged, recalling that his role is to make films in which he can convey messages. Omar Sy also specified taking the freedom to express himself when he has the “feeling that things are not being said”. “There were enough people for this call and no need to add my voice to it”he concluded on this subject.

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A united and committed couple

In June 2020, the actor had denounced police violence and called for mobilization in a column published on the website of The Obsfollowing the death of George Floyd, in the United States, and the demonstration for Adama Traoré. He had mentioned at the time his own experience in Trappes, in the Yvelines: “Like Adama Traoré, like Zyed and Bouna, who died aged 17 and 15 in Clichy-sous-Bois in 2005, I ran when I crossed the path of the police. I didn’t have an open mic then to say how much this fear is real. That of dying at the hands of law enforcement.” Omar Sy, who celebrated his 44th birthday last January, has always been able to count on the support of his wife Hélène, with whom he has been in perfect love for more than twenty years. His wife, very committed against racism, had also expressed his support for the family of Adama Traoré. United by the same convictions, the couple is also at the head of a tribe of 5 children, made up of three daughters and two sons.

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