Why Princess Anne wasn’t allowed to go to the same school as her brothers

After private training, Anne graduated from the Benenden School for girls in 1968, which she had attended since 1963. The princess then learned French at the Berlitz School of Languages. At the age of 18, Princess Anne took over the usual duties of representation of the British royal family.

While Anne attended a girls’ boarding school, her brothers attended Gordonstoun boarding school, which Prince Philip had attended. Gordonstoun is an international Scottish private school and is still regarded as one of the most prestigious schools.

Anne did not attend the same school as Charles, Edward and Andrew because girls were not yet admitted to the institution at the time. The Gordonstoun School only became coeducational in 1972, i.e. approved for girls and boys.

Charles suffered at boarding school, Anne’s daughter loved it

While she herself still had to cut back on her education, Princess Anne then made sure that her two children, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall to be sent to Gordonstoun. While her uncle, Prince Charles, is said to have hated his life at boarding school, Tindall had a good experience at the elite school, where she also discovered her passion for sports.

“I loved school, I loved sports and being with my friends all the time,” Princess Anne’s daughter said in a 2018 interview. “I don’t know how much I worked. You get homesick, but I had so much fun and [mein Bruder] Pete was very protective,” she said of her boarding school days.