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What is the reason? The British have been concerned for several weeks about the state of health of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The queen, who will turn 96 on April 21, has just suspended her participation in a series of scheduled public events, and since buckingham it is feared that he will suffer from new health problems.

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It was recently learned that a domestic elevator for people with reduced mobility had been installed at Balmoral Castle so that the monarch, who uses a cane since last Octoberyou can move freely between plants without getting tired.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II during a private audience at Windsor Castle on March 16.  (Photo: AFP)
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II during a private audience at Windsor Castle on March 16. (Photo: AFP)

Why Elizabeth II does not want to be seen in a wheelchair

“I have been told that the queen has canceled some acts because she does not want to be seen in a wheelchair”actor Christopher Biggins commented on GB News. Apparently the queen has no intention of being fragile.. “She is a proud woman, she always has been, all her life. She is very sad and I really hope that she can participate in the Jubilee celebrations. She is a wonderful queen”Biggins added.

The existence of a plan prepared by the Protocol Office of Buckingham Palace for the commemorative mass of Philip of Edinburgh that will take place next tuesday march 29 and that Queen Elizabeth II does not want to miss out on anything in the world.

According to him Daily Mailthe plan is for Queen Elizabeth II to arrive about 15 minutes before the other guests so that she can take a seat in Westminster Abbey with caution, after quietly walk the road protected that has been planned to avoid exposing it to photographers.

The British people have been worried for months about the queen’s health. In recent days, Buckingham Palace has announced that would “significantly” reduce its public commitmentssomething that is not surprising after his absence at the mass for the Commonwealth, also celebrated in Westminster Abbey.


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Queen Elizabeth II holds to date the second longest reign in history.