Why she doesn’t want it anymore

On Christmas Eve 2021, Verona Pooth was broken into and the house cleared. Quite unexpectedly, the entertainer’s car reappeared.

It was the worst Christmas, yes, probably the worst day ever that Verona Pooth has experienced. On December 24, 2021, five men broke into her and husband Franjo Pooth’s property in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. The perpetrators acted ruthlessly, so they stole jewelry and other valuables. They even stole the Fiat 500 Abarth. But now it has been found.

“The burglars desecrated my beloved mini speedster”

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, the police found the car not far from the villa. The fact that her little car has now appeared again is no reason for Pooth to be happy: “The burglars desecrated my beloved mini speedster when they removed our safe in it.”

Pooth now drives a silver Porsche. And this choice of vehicle follows a certain logic: “It’s not suitable as a crime vehicle,” says Pooth. However, she admits: “Although I could never imagine that with my Fiat 500 …”

The insurance company is still not fully reimbursed for the damage

After the burglary, the family upgraded their property. “We have security doors made of wood, armored glass and metal bars,” Pooth lists. “Cameras and photo systems around the house and motion detectors. The alarm system is directly connected to a security service.”

What is particularly annoying is that she is still arguing with the insurance company about the amount of damage. Almost a third of the money is still missing, says the 54-year-old, who is supported by a lawyer in the matter. At least she hasn’t lost her sense of humor. Pooth: “Meanwhile I know my way around really well, I have several folders of correspondence. I think I would now be a perfect insurance agent.”