Why she no longer appears with Florian Silbereisen

During this research by “ZDF Magazin Royale”, Schlager fans banged their ears. Florian Silbereisen is sponsored by a man who has a lot of influence in the scene. Now Vanessa Mai speaks up.

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Pictures of him are rare, as are interviews. But Michael Jürgens is one of the most influential managers in the German music industry. In his new issue of “ZDF Magazin Royale”, Jan Böhmermann takes on the entrepreneur who manages hit stars like Florian Silbereisen and produces countless television shows with his company Jürgens TV GmbH.

Böhmermann criticizes that Jürgens has developed a kind of monopoly position in the German-speaking hit scene through the booking and production of the Silbereisen shows. In addition, the ZDF presenter questions where all the money that he earns with his shows actually goes. For example, the town of Kitzbühel paid production aid for the show “Schlager, Stars & Sterne – Große Seeparty in Österreich”. After all, 371,597 euros, as reported by “Spiegel” in the summer of 2020.

As the editors of Böhmermann’s ZDF format also reveals, the public service broadcaster incorporates product-placed advertising within the Silbereisen shows produced by Jürgens. These would refer to Michael Jürgen’s products and projects and advertise CDs and tours. Jürgens himself did not want to answer inquiries, said Böhmermann.

“Nobody dares to talk about Michael Jürgens”

According to their own statements, the editors of “ZDF Magazin Royale” asked all hit labels and many artists, but none of them wanted to comment on Jürgens either. “No one dared to talk openly about Michael Jürgens’ business in front of the camera,” says the moderator. Only artist coach Soeren Janssen is quoted on the show as saying: “Michael Jürgens is the biggest player in the hit industry on TV and that’s why nobody wants to mess with him.”

"Winter festival of folk music" in 2006: Florian Silbereisen, ex-MDR entertainment chief Udo Foth and Michael Jürgens (Source: imago images/Eventpress)“Winter Festival of Folk Music” in 2006: Florian Silbereisen, ex-MDR entertainment chief Udo Foth and Michael Jürgens (Source: Eventpress / imago images)

Now someone makes an exception – and comments on the revelations of the ZDF team. On her Instagram account, Vanessa Mai writes on Saturday: “You asked why I’m no longer on Florian’s shows (editor’s note: Florian Silbereisen)” and then refers to Jan Böhmermann’s “Das Schlagermonopol” research . Mai adds: “Micha (Editor’s note: Michael Jürgens), I actually like you, somehow, but a lot of things weren’t cool.” What exactly the singer means by that is not clear.

However, the 29-year-old notes: “There are rules in all areas, but that doesn’t mean that I personally have to stick to them. To everyone else: Do what you think is right and what suits you. For me it has it didn’t fit.”

Vanessa Mai comments on the research on manager Michael Jürgens.  (Source: Instagram/Vanessa Mai)Vanessa Mai comments on the research on manager Michael Jürgens. (Source: Instagram/Vanessa Mai)

In fact, it is striking how long Vanessa Mai has not been seen in Florian Silbereisen’s shows. She had her last appearance on January 13, 2018 in “Schlagerchampions – the big festival of the best”. Her career has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2012 she started with the Kombi Wolkenfrei, today she is successful as a solo artist. Her studio albums, all of which were released on the hit label Ariola, have always placed in the charts and the singer’s concerts are reliably sold out.

Now Mai provides an answer to the question of why such a successful young singer as she is not seen in the country’s most famous hit shows.