why ‘Tatán’ Mejía took rudeness in Jorge Rausch to congratulate

After what was the elimination of ‘Tostao’, this Monday, April 25, the celebrities who continue in the kitchen of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ faced a new mystery box challenge.

Moments before the test, the presenter Claudia Bahamón wanted to arouse the intrigue of the contestants and asked them about the fears they have or had within the competition. However, and although many imagined something unpleasant, the ingredient that was under the boxes was cornmeal.

the jurors Nicolás de Zubiría, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch invited the participants to try different dishes in which the arepa would be the main element. For the test they had 60 minutes and the prize would be to gain an advantage for the following challenges.

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What ‘Tatán’ Mejía presented to win the praise

One of those who most surprised with his preparation was the motorcyclist, who presented a “chorizo ​​foam” that left more than one of those present speechless.

“I feel very comfortable with my plate because I feel like it’s new to the game. It’s called trilogy and my idea was to take Colombian products to another level. I made a chorizo ​​foam with a shrimp, tomato and onion”, he explained.

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The flavor and plating also delighted the jury, who fell short of words to fill it with praise.

“The dish is spectacular,” said Carpentier; “Absolutely delicious, all techniques are fine. You are a whore…” Rausch mentioned; “How screwed up and how difficult those back there have it [los otros participantes], quite complicated. You are cooking like an animal”, concluded De Zubiría

Despite the innovations of his opponents, the winning dish was that of ‘Tatán’, who received the applause and celebrations of all his companions. The emotion of the moment was such that the athlete ran out and kissed Aída Morales again.