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Hidden detail. In the view of a simple citizen, being a member of the British royalty is nothing more than its many advantages and privileges, but the truth is that there are some unbreakable rules, either by protocol or by tradition. While many have some flexibility, others are fulfilled without question.

One of the rules that those who are high in the order of succession to the crown must comply with is introduce your partner to the king or queen. Once the monarch meets the new member of the British royal family, it will be her who decides if she says yes or no so that they can marry.

That is, so that Princes William and Harry could marry Catherine of Cambridge and Meghan of Sussex. they had to ask their grandmother for permission, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Enrique’s children will have to ask permission to marry

According to the British newspaper The Express, the children of Enrique and Meghan must also respect this rule of the British royal family. When Prince Charles, who is the father of Princes William and Harry, becomes king, your grandchildren will have to go through this rule.

According to the line of succession to the throne, when Charles of Wales is king, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry and then Harry’s son Archie will have to ask for the permission to marry.

The Christmas postcard of the Dukes of Sussex allows you to see your children.  (Photo: @alexilubomirski / Instagram)
The Christmas postcard of the Dukes of Sussex allows you to see your children. (Photo: @alexilubomirski / Instagram)

The Succession to the British Crown Act of 2013 stipulates that these six people “must obtain the permission of the monarch before marrying”.

The son elder of Prince Harry and Meghan of Sussex must comply with this rule of the British royal family for being sixth in the line of succession.

On the contrary, his sister Lilibet will not have to do it because she is no longer part of the law that stipulates the first 6his place in succession to the crown is seventh.

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