Why the fifth season of Cobra Kai sparked a controversy in Mexico?

The fifth season of the successful season Cobra Kai sparked controversy on social networks, especially in the Mexican public. One of the main reasons had to do with the fact that the plot of the fiction took place in Mexico but the recordings were not carried out on Aztec soil.

In the fifth installment, one of the characters is shown, Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) looking for his father Héctor Salazar in Mexico to meet him and solve that dark part of his life; but the scenes of the young karate fighter’s trip were not filmed there but in Puerto Rico. There is no official response on the reasons for this decision. But the effort was noticed, in vain, to characterize the place as if it were Mexico. Before the critical look of the spectators, the result was worse.

Another of the criticisms with which this fifth season is pointed out has to do with the sepia color that was seen in all the scenes of Miguel in Mexico. Many people pointed out that this type of color filter on the image is a way of “highlighting poverty” or that it looks a lot like a type of “Univisión novel”, as shared by the Mag.com portal.

The questions were also pointed at practices that in fiction appear as typical of Mexico when in reality they are not, or rather respond to the logic of the American game; such as a non-stop chili eating competition.

It was also questioned that the only Latino main character in the Netflix series (Miguel’s father) is a hitman, reaffirming a stereotype of criminality and violence.