Why was Johnny Depp not at the verdict reading?

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES.- After several weeks of controversial statements, debates and 13 hours of deliberation, this Wednesday the verdict of the jury was finally announced, who found guilty of defamation against Johnny Depp to his ex-wife Amber HeardHowever, the actor was not present in court.

It turns out that the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is in the United Kingdom, where he will give a concert with his friend and musician Jeff Beckso he could not attend the end of the trial in Virginia.

It is worth mentioning that said event was previously agreed upon and scheduled, however, it was connected virtually to be able to find out the jury’s decision, which was in their favor.

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In fact, last weekend, after closing arguments in the trial, Depp was seen playing the guitar and singing rock classics with Beck on stage.

Many of his fans applauded his way of waiting for the final verdict, while his wife Amber Heard She remained silent and this Wednesday when she learned of the jury’s decision, she said she was “disappointed and speechless.”

Johnny Depp58, filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard for defaming him in an opinion piece she wrote for The Washington Post.

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