Why will Camilo and Evaluna’s daughter not have a traditional baptism?

The birth of Índigo, the daughter of Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner, has been a source of happiness and union between the two families, who have not stopped sharing with the couple the great moment they are experiencing with the birth of their first daughter, whom They have dedicated themselves so much that they have stopped the traditional publications on social networks that both Camilo and Evaluna made.

However, Camilo published a video showing his daughter’s mother after childbirth, without makeup and wearing very homemade clothes, which caused a lot of tenderness among the couple’s followers who congratulated them for being so dedicated to their daughter Indigo. .

But what has most surprised those who live pending the details of the Echeverry-Montaner couple is that Indigo will not be baptized as children are traditionally baptized in Colombia. But it will be recognized at the Vous church in Miami, in a Christian religion ceremony that only Camilo and Evaluna will attend.

The ceremony is a customary celebration where parents consecrate their children to God in front of an entire congregation, while praying for the future of the child. In the Christian religion this is not considered a baptism, since this ceremony is performed when the person reaches a certain age and is aware of the moment they are living, unlike what happens in the Catholic religion where children are baptized from a very young age. .

Another big difference with the Catholic baptism is that this ceremony in the Christian religion does not ask for the traditional figure of godparents. However, this is something that raises doubts among the couple’s followers since a few days ago Manuela, Camilo’s sister, hinted that she would be Indigo’s godmother.

Evaluna has always been a Christian due to the influence of her father Ricardo Montaner and his family, while the Colombian Camilo Echeverry has gradually been educated in religion due to the closeness and permanent contact with his wife’s family. .

At the moment it seems that the couple will continue a little away from social networks and keeping the face of their little daughter Indigo a mystery, since through their Instagram accounts they have only shared images of body parts and from behind with the clear intention of not publicly exposing their daughter to their millions of followers for now.

Colombian singer Camilo jumps up with happiness. He is enjoying his stage as a new father to the fullest, as is his wife, also a singer and actress, Evaluna. Both do not miss the opportunity to capture special moments with their newborn baby named Indigo.

In an oversight of her husband, Evaluna recorded when Camilo pampered her little girl, held with a blanket to her chest, and also danced and sang the song Pegao to put her to sleep.

In the short clip, which the daughter of the singer Ricardo Montaner posted on her Instagram account, Camilo is seen barefoot, as he is used to even at his concerts, in the patio of his home in the United States. In the background, you can also see sheets and cloth diapers hanging on a rope, as a sign that they do not put disposable diapers on the baby and opt for the ecological.

“The love of my life hit the love of my life,” wrote Evaluna in the publication, that until 2:30 in the afternoon of this Friday, May 6, had more than 580 thousand ‘likes’ and 5,200 comments.