Why will Ninel Conde no longer be able to see her son?

Ninel Conde once again had serious conflicts with her ex-partner Giovanni Medina over Emmanuel, the son they have in common and that is why the actress decided to continue the legal battle against the businessman, even if it costs her not to be able to see her son for a while. weather.

“El Bombón Asesino” is looking for the possibility of meeting his son in an impartial place where they can enjoy themselves without the pressure of the minor’s father. In other words, Conde has been adamant that he does not want to meet the seven-year-old boy in the house of his ex, he is looking for a place that is impartial, neutral.

This arises as a result of one of the last scheduled visits in which Conde did not arrive, for this reason Medina got angry and generated a lawsuit at the next meeting.

“As long as it is not dictated in an impartial place, I do not intend to continue presenting myself where they pretend that I am late, that I am not going (…) They make a whole story that I do not have time to clarify because I am dedicated to my work; to produce, to create”, said the media in an interview with “Ventaneando”.

“It hurts me not to be able to see my son, of course it hurts, I miss him horrible but I’ve been begging for something that is my right for 2 years,” he acknowledged. And he added: “I am happy that it could be in my house, we live two blocks away, I would be the happiest, the day they told me I would be there.”