Wild turkeys will unveil a plaque for their 100 productions – El Sol de México

The actress Eva Daniela joins the cast of wild turkeys that tonight celebrates 100 performanceswith the presence of Patricia Reyes Spíndola and Alberto Estrella as godparents.

Directed by Enrique Singerthe play has in its cast Margarita Gralia, Roberto Blandón, Sergio Lozano, Beatriz Moreno and Mariana Vidals.

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Previously, eva daniel she had been required for the character of Nina, but she had commitments on television; she was now able to join the cast and after offering several functionstonight will be his official debut with the character played by Alexa Martín, who will attend other commitments.

“Eva Daniela’s entry into the play was due to the fact that she met the requirements of embodying a fresh Nina, of great beauty, intelligent and, above all, youth on the surface. And now she will be part of the celebration of the 100 functions”, detailed Enrique Singer in the announcement of the 100 performances of the work.

“For me it has meant a huge challenge to join the cast that had already been for more than 90 and so many functions. I arrive sheltered by my colleagues, they received me very nicely and now that I have been on stage, they have given me good comments, that makes me very happy, also of course, the public it is very important that clap your hands when he likes something”, highlighted Eva Daniela.

Beatriz Moreno she confided that “as an actress I always learn from young talents, who must be supported and guided. And I don’t doubt the ability of Sergio as of Eva that they offer to the text youth”.

The producer Morris Gilbert He assured that it is time to unite efforts to float the works on the billboard. “Do theater in Mexico It is difficult, more than we come from a pandemic. People no longer want to leave their homes and that is why we have to offer very good production offers”.

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Present at the meeting, the producer John Osorioadded: “I only came to support eva daniel, my wife, because you always have to have the humility to learn and this career teaches you every day; being close to Morris allows that tomorrow I may follow a career theatricalbecause one always has new concerns”.

This Friday the 20th, the plaque of the 100 representations of Los guajolotes salvajes in the Ignacio López Tarso Theater of the San Angel Cultural Center.