Will Alfie be in season 4?

    Have you seen ‘Emily in Paris’ yet? What do you think of the ending of it? Are you anxious to see new chapters already? And to know what happens with its protagonists? There is no doubt that in the fourth season of the Netflix series we will see characters like Gabriel, Camille or Mindy again, but… what will happen to Alfie?

    WARNING, SPOILERS! In the season three finale, Camille surprises everyone by calling off her and Gabriel’s wedding, leaving Emily and Alfie especially confused. Despite having a very good relationship, Alfie knows that deep down Emily still has feelings for Gabriel, so she tells him to ‘go get her man’ because he doesn’t want to be a second choice.

    This revelation suggested that Alfie would not be in season four of ‘Emily in Paris’, although now Lucien Laviscountthe actor who brings him to life on the screen, has spoken about it, talking about his wishes for his character in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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    “Personally I need to close certain chapters in life. So I’m willing to do anything in the case of Alfie and Emily. to get that ‘end’, either with a goodbye or leaving things in a friendship… Their relationship is different than Gabriel and Emily’s. So it would be interesting to explore that,” said the actor. In addition to the character’s love life, Laviscount has also spoken about Alfie’s professional circumstances. “I would like Alfie to take on a little more importance within the company with Antoine,” he commented.

    Does all this mean that we will see more of Alfie in the next chapters of ‘Emily in Paris? Well, it’s likely! The third and fourth seasons of the Netflix series were recorded at the same time, so it may not be long before Emily and her gang return to our screens…