Will Becker be free again by Christmas?

Boris Becker is supposed to be in Wandsworth prison in London for 2.5 years. The fallen ex-tennis star hopes to be free by Christmas.

So far, Boris Becker should not find his way in his new “home”. Instead of solitary confinement, he has to share a small cell with a fellow inmate. The 54-year-old is said to have pressed an emergency button several times and complained that he was suffering from claustrophobia. The food in the “hard-hitting jail” Wandsworth shouldn’t exactly meet Becker’s requirements either.

Mild legal system in Germany

According to an insider for the British newspaper The Sun But there is hope for Boris: “Becker is very confident that he will be back in Germany by Christmas,” the source is quoted as saying. After being convicted of delaying bankruptcy, he is hoping to be transferred to Germany to serve out the rest of his sentence The difference: In Germany, the legal system is milder, so Becker could be released on probation.

The so-called “Early Removal Scheme” would make such a transfer possible. According to the UK Home Office, “Any alien accused of a crime and serving a prison sentence may be considered for deportation at the earliest opportunity”. The prerequisite is exemplary behavior in prison – and Becker should already be working on that. According to the “Sun”, the tennis star is already giving good English lessons.