Will he soon be back on stage after retiring?

2022 started for Semino Rossi with a private and professional flight. At the end of April, however, he announced his sudden retirement from the public.

Semino Rossi would have had many plans around his 60th birthday on May 29th. However, concerts, TV show appearances, interview appointments and the associated trips are currently on hold. D

he hit star withdrew from the public at the end of April. According to a statement “for health reasons”. When will the singer be back in the spotlight?

The detailed statement, which was published on Facebook, among other things, says: Rossi will probably not appear in public until mid-June. On May 26, Rossi gave an update: From June 10, he wants to return to the concert stages. But how did the likeable Argentinian withdraw?

Soaring at the beginning of the year: success with customers, new album and love comeback

The year 2022 finally got off to a very successful start for him in many respects: his current album “Heute hab ich Zeit für dich” was released in March. This made it into the top three of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Things were also going well for the singer privately: in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, he announced the love comeback with his wife Gabi. The two separated in 2020 after 28 years of marriage, but have now found each other again.

In 2021, Semino Rossi also started an extensive diet: he lost almost 20 kilograms. He feels “totally comfortable” with that, he said in an interview with spot on news in mid-March. He reveals about his eating plan: “I lost weight through intermittent fasting. Since then, I’ve been eating very consciously and healthily to keep it that way. Lots of vegetables, few carbohydrates, meat and fish, salads, and yoghurt and fruit salad for breakfast.”

Semino Rossi went “to his limits”

After the private and professional successes, the news of his retirement at the end of April came as a shock to many fans. The background was explained in more detail in the statement: “Like many other people, the current situation also weighs heavily on Semino Rossi as an artist and family man,” it says.

“Emotionally, the two-year pandemic as well as current, worrying, social and political developments have touched him more and drained his strength than he thought possible.” His professional successes would have “motivated him to go to his limits”. But they also asked him to “start from zero to 100”.

Rossi decided “after careful consideration” to temporarily withdraw into private life. He wanted to “encourage other people affected in comparable situations (…) to deal with this challenge in order to be able to overcome it”. In addition, the singer wanted “through this step to show solidarity with all people who are just as insecure and emotionally out of balance and who also shy away from social pressure to admit this supposed weakness”.

For his birthday, Semino Rossi wishes “only health”

Semino Rossi’s modest wish for his 60th birthday also fits in with this: In March he explained to spot on news that he wanted “only health” – “and that I no longer have to read the news about war, violence and natural disasters in the morning in the newspaper”.

At that time, the singer also revealed how he would spend his day of honor: “Familial, comfortable and only with the closest friends.” He continued: “I’m not planning a big party. I just wish to be healthy and I’m happy about every birthday I get to celebrate. Every new year of life is a gift. You are as old as you feel. I don’t feel like 60!”

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