Will HE succeed Daniel Hartwich?

Since the official end of the jungle camp by Daniel Hartwich, 43, there has been speculation about a possible successor. RTL viewers now want to have found the right cast …

  • Daniel Hartwich leaves the jungle camp after nine years
  • At “Let’s Dance” he was now represented by colleague Jan Köppen
  • Now the viewers are demanding that he become the new IBES presenter

Daniel Hartwich: Jungle camp off for the family

It was shocking news at the beginning of February: Daniel Hartwich ended his moderation on “I’m a star – get me out of here!” after nine years alongside Sonja Zietlow, 53. He gave that as the reason for his jungle camp compulsory education for his children at: “It was always clear to me that I would only host the show as long as my family could accompany me to the shooting. […] It’s more important to me not to be separated from my wife and children for weeks.

At this point it was already clear to many viewers that not easy to fill Daniel Hartwich’s gap will be. After all, the 43-year-old is one of the most popular presenters on German television and was a well-rehearsed team with colleague Sonja.

RTL viewers demand: “Please Jan for the jungle camp”

Nevertheless, the viewers now seem one suitable replacement to have found: Jan Köppen, 39. He already proved in the fifth “Let’s Dance” live show that he is a great substitute for Daniel Hartwich, where he represented the RTL star who was suffering from Corona. Now numerous fans on the net are demanding that he Also replace Daniel at the jungle camp target. Among other things, Twitter says:

Hey RTL, Jan Köppen can also do a jungle camp… Let’s think about it.

Please Jan for the jungle camp, thanks!

I hope that RTL will decide after yesterday to appoint Jan Köppen as the next IBES moderator.

Will RTL listen to the fans’ wishes? Officially, no replacement has been communicated by the broadcaster. But there is still a bit of time until the next season in 2023 …

Sources used: RTL, Twitter