Will Instagram become the new Tinder in 2023?

It looks like Instagram is on its way to ending the golden age of dating apps. Very popular in recent years, they have seen the emergence of many relationships, but described as “boring” by Generation Z, their rating is down. While Tinder downloads fell 5% in 2021, instagram would like to take advantage of this slack to make the social network a new meeting place.

Realizing that 15-26 year olds exchanged a lot more via Instagram messaging than through any other channel, the company would consider bringing new features to its application in order to increase meetings and therefore exchanges. She even predicts: “In 2023, the generation plans to use platforms like Instagram for dating.” Its main argument is that messaging “provides more transparent, honest and direct communication.”

The app then builds on a poll last October in which 1,200 young Americans were asked whether or not they would send a meme as their first message to a partner on a dating app. Almost half of respondents answered “yes”. Another question about astrology, a field much appreciated by young people, was also asked. And the result is amazing. Almost half of users answered “no” to the question of dating someone whose astrological sign is incompatible with theirs. However, Instagram would not be the favorite application of the Generation Z. TikTok and Snapchat would come out on top. Will the social network then manage to invest the rank of dating applications? Wasn’t he mistaking the target? In any case, the year 2023 seems to be placed under the sign of renewal for Instagram.


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Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/instagram-va-t-il-devenir-le-nouveau-tinder-en-2023