Will Oliver Kahn scold ?: WWM: FC Bayern strategist fails in football

Will Oliver Kahn scold?
WWM: FC Bayern strategist fails in football

By Nina Jerzy

Oliver Kahn’s employee is not feeling well. She was the only candidate in “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” the football question has gone haywire. Jauch, on the other hand, is a little enchanted: “Finally a woman who …”

Also in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” rages the depreciation of profits. Six-digit sums are currently the exception for Günther Jauch, even 32,000 euros are often the highest of feelings. Even that wasn’t enough on Monday. Overhang candidate Seyda Akin from Sulz am Neckar even let a joker expire out of sheer hopelessness. Doctor’s assistant Meike Frenzel was genuinely happy about her four-digit win (“For me, 8,000 euros is a lot of money”). And Annabelle Glatt from FC Bayern Munich made the comeback after the drop-out at the beginning of the show. However, the selection question was about football. The employee of club boss Oliver Kahn therefore had a bad premonition: “I can listen to something now.”


Seyda Akin left with 8000 euros.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

In the first selection question, the potential candidates should assign their cities to football clubs such as Arminia or Union. All applicants got it – with the exception of the employee of FC Bayern Munich. “Of course, that was only due to the excitement and the speed,” said Glatte, justifying the dropout. The 29-year-old worked for the record champions in the human resources department. “Did you send Süle to Dortmund?” Jauch asked with a wink. “No, I push that off to others. I’m only responsible for employees,” said the candidate. When the show was recorded, she was about to take a career leap and was due to move to the strategy department of the first division club in a few days. “Oli is responsible for that,” said Jauch, looking at the CEO. “Yes, he’s basically my boss,” said the candidate happily.

Since her father likes to fish, Glatt was able to make Jauch happy. “Finally a woman who knows about fishing. Women are so bored,” said the moderator. Because the Munich resident by choice, who comes from Wolfsburg, knew that spinners are sometimes used when hunting fish. For this, Glatt needed her first joker for the 2000 euro question. “What can be turned into the opposite with umlaut dots?” was the question. The choices were: admiration, reverence, respect, recognition (correct answer: “contempt”). Glatt pulled the candidate joker because she somehow felt she had to make an umlaut out of every vowel. “It’s not Turkish: admiration,” Jauch clarified.

Who from FC Bayern will be the telephone joker?

Glatt absolutely wanted to save the telephone joker for the end. She will probably pull it in the next episode when she returns with the 16,000 euro question. Then the WWM viewers will also find out who from FC Bayern they were able to persuade to make themselves available as helpers. In the end, only one colleague agreed to do so, reported Glatt. Jauch has his experience with anxious footballers. It took years for the special edition with the national players to come about, the host revealed. In the next episode, Glatt also reveals what she experienced at her employer’s last Christmas party. The parties are quite notorious because sometimes “there is a lot going on here in terms of club and family,” said Jauch.

For the sake of her daughter, overhang candidate Akin played it safe. So much so that she got out of the €32,000 question without asking her phone joker for advice. “I would just call and say: Guys, I’m out,” said the junior account manager from Sulz am Neckar. Jauch still called for fun and lo and behold: the telephone joker could have told Akin how the surnames of singer Mariah Carey and actor Jim Carrey are spelled correctly.

“Turkish Evening” at WWM

It was also 16,000 euros for the next candidate, Cem Arslan (“Turkish evening today”, Jauch noted). The educator, who works at a Hamburg elementary school, had already burned away half of his jokers after the 8,000 euro question. The rest went on the next round. “Mr. Jauch, it was easier in the training camp. I marched through there, marched through,” asserted the candidate. These earlier triumphs left the moderator cold: “How many ‘millionaires’ from the internet I’ve had here – and then at 200 euros …”

In the end, the 50:50 joker helped Arslan to realize that the proportion of postal votes in the 2021 federal election was around 47.3 and not just 7.3 percent. While he is not exactly enthusiastic about the former mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, as Federal Chancellor, he does have fond memories of his predecessor. The Hanseat is a freelance rap coach. When Angela Merkel was visiting a hip-hop dance school, he met the chancellor at the time and immediately gave her a helping hand. “She wanted to know from me what exactly hip-hop is, and I was allowed to explain that to the then most powerful woman in the world,” said Arslan.