Will Queen Elizabeth II be shielded from her grandson Prince Harry?

Prince Harry is set to travel to England with his family for the Queen’s Jubilee. But to what extent will the American-by-choice be allowed to spend time with his grandmother? There is talk of wanting to shield the 96-year-old from him.

At the beginning of June there is a lot going on with the British Royals. And it’s not just about the fact that several days of celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th throne jubilee are planned. It is assumed that Prince Harry will come to his home country with his family for the occasion.

But the 37-year-old brings a rat tail with him – in the form of a Netflix camera crew. The royal, who now lives in the United States, works with the company. Now there are concerns that Harry’s appearance at the celebration will not only draw too much attention to himself – but that he could also involve the Queen in his filming.

“Who knows what they will do?”

The nobility expert Russell Myers explains in the TV show “Today” according to the British newspaper “Express”: “The Queen is surrounded by her advisers like a steel ring.” In his eyes, it is certain that the advisors Harry and Meghan would point out not to drag the monarch in front of the camera – “but who knows what they will do?” Finally, they would have given Oprah Winfrey their disclosure interview and spoke to Gayle King. There, too, they were certainly advised differently by their relatives.