Will Shakira face a lawsuit for a new song with Bizarrap? – Daily Page

On January 11, the collaboration of the interpreter of “La bicicleta”, Shakira, with the Argentine producer and rapper Bizarrap, was released worldwide, however, in this melody not only the Barcelona player was affected, but also various hints against Piqué’s new partner.

However, Shakira’s new melody that quickly positioned itself in the spotlight worldwide not only caught the attention of Internet users, but also reached the ears of a Venezuelan artist who, after the premiere of this song by He immediately set off the alarms after assuring that the Colombian artist plagiarized the subject.

This accusation immediately became relevant and went viral through a video, it is about the artist known as Briella, who assured that since the release of “Sessions, Vol. 53” her fans have inundated her with messages telling her that it is the same to his song, and that, therefore, it is plagiarism.

Will Shakira face a lawsuit for a new song with Bizarrap?  – Daily Page

“My DM collapsed because of how similar Shakira’s Bzrp session is to my song ‘Solo Tú’, the chorus ‘tuuu uu uu’… I think it’s even the same tonality. I have not even given myself the time to analyze it well, but it is too similar, “said Briella.

In the same way, the Venezuelan singer shared a video on her Twitter account where she compares both choirs trying to show that it is true that Shakira and Bzrp were inspired by her song and made it clear that she does not intend to take legal action, however, this could change because the famous would have hired a lawyer.

The artist who is also a tiktoker recounted in a live through social networks that she is already in contact with a lawyer specializing in musical matters named Jean Paul Vissepo, who is guiding her in this copyright confusion, however, she assured that no He seeks to confront Shakira, but rather to seek advice on how he could come to an agreement with her without facing further conflict.