Will Smith violently slaps Chris Rock in the middle of the ceremony

Unhappy with a joke about his wife’s hair, Will Smith violently slapped Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards.

Amazement gripped the room when the actor took the stage, in the middle of the evening, to punch comedian Chris Rock in the face. The latter, one of the presenters of this edition of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood, had just made a joke about the wife of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith. It has more precisely compared her cropped hair to Demi Moore’s shaved head in the movie “AT Weapons equal» of Ridley Scott (1997).

“Ilove makes you do things crazy»

Gold, Jada Pinkett Smith had spoken about his alopecia in the past (hair loss) in a public way. If the latter simply rolled her eyes, Will Smith was quick to react unexpectedly. At first hilarious, he then took the stage and slapped Chris Rock, the sound of the blow echoing even through the microphones, in front of the stunned spectators. On social networks, many Internet users have also demand if it could be a staging, as reported by AFP.

If the American network ABC cut the sound during the scene which followed, the dialogue was audible on foreign televisions. “wow. wow. Will Smith just took me apart head”dropped Chris Rock, then justifying his joke to the actor. “Leave alone my wife’s name out of your fucking stuffy”yelled Will Smith, returned to the side of his wife.

Chris Rock declined to press charges, while Will Smith (awarded best actor) apologized to the Academy of Oscars, in tears, when receiving his statuette. “Ilove makes you do things crazy»he added.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-03-28/oscars-2022-pourquoi-will-smith-gifle-chris-rock-en-pleine-ceremonie-1197753