will the conditions for benefiting from the RSA be tightened? We tell you everything

The Active Solidarity Income, or RSA, allows the poorest people to receive a minimum income. Appeared in 2008, it is aimed at people aged 25 and over. And can be extended under certain conditions to 18-24 year old young workers or single parents.

Should RSA beneficiaries be worried? Indeed, we hear that the award criteria could tighten. In particular the conditioning of the payment to an activity or training. In the context of the presidential elections, this question comes up again.

Nearly 2 million RSA recipients in France

In France, 1.91 million French people benefited from the RSA at the end of September 2021. This allowance therefore concerns a large part of our society. If this solidarity aid is not ready to disappear, its conditions of attribution could evolve.

Indeed, some personalities in the political world want to add a conditionality of aid to a minimum of activity. Emmanuel Macron and Valérie Pécresse spoke in particular about this. In addition, the Minister of Health regrets that the beneficiaries of the RSA remain so for a long time. I am in favor of stopping the current situation which means that one out of two beneficiaries is still a beneficiary four years later. The accompaniment, the insertion is not sufficiently carried out in our country.“, explained the Minister of Health at the microphone of France Info on March 16.

What will be the new RSA allocation rules?

It therefore seems that we are heading towards a tightening of the allocation rules. But it is impossible to say how this would translate in practice. Another major change is taking place in 2022. This is the survivor’s pension. EEssential for helping retirees who have lost their spouses, it is seeing its allocation criteria change this year.

Every year, millions of retirees receive this assistance. It thus benefited 4.4 million people in 2016. An increase of 6.4% in 10 years according to data from DREES. In total, this therefore concerns nearly a quarter of French retirees. This aid contributes to reducing income inequalities when women and men access retirement.

Indeed, it is above all women who benefit from the survivor’s pension because 89% of pensioners are women. “Their longevity and the fact that they are on average two to three years younger than their spouse largely explain this situation”, reports the DREEs. The organization also points out: “In addition, when they are widowed, men, because of their often higher level of direct right pension, have incomes which more frequently exceed the ceiling of resources to be eligible for survivors. , when it is subject to conditions”.

More changes planned for 2022!

The Retirement Insurance only pays this survivor’s pension from the age of 55. This organization also takes into account all income. Namely: professional income, pensions (retirement, disability, etc.) but also allowances (daily sickness, work accident, etc.) and allowances (unemployment, for example).

Each year, this precious help can change according to the fluctuations of your income. Thus, you must notify your fund of any change in your resources. But there are exceptions. Thus, your survivor’s pension cannot change 3 months after the effective date of all your basic and supplementary personal pensions. And also if you cannot claim personal pensions on the 1st day of the month following your legal retirement age.

To obtain this assistance, you must first report the death of your husband or wife. Thus, it is concretely a question of depositing the application form. You will find it on the website of the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav). If you think you can claim additional reversion, make the request to the scheme on which the insured person depended.

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