will the old card still be valid? The answer here

The Carte Vitale was a real technological revolution when it was launched in 1998. It is now time to move fully into the 21st century, by adopting the digital card model! But what about your physical card? Will you be forced to take the step towards all-digital? The Objeko team gives you all the answers to your questions in this article.

Carte Vitale: the story of a revolution

It might not seem like that, but the vital card has been a real small revolution in the field of health insurance! This green and yellow smart card has indeed made it possible to drastically streamline the terms of reimbursement of medical expenses, but the transmission of information concerning the insured.

There was a time not so long ago when doctors and pharmacists filled out slips for you which you then had to send to the health insurance in order to obtain reimbursement. This was a lot of paperwork, and processing times could be long. In 1987, a first card called SESAM was tested in 3 French towns. Ten years later, the first version of the Carte Vitale was launched in Brittany, and reached 37 million beneficiaries in 1999. The success was immediate, but it took some time for the French and doctors to adapt to fully adopt the system.

This little card is improving and becoming common. In 2007, the Carte Vitale 2 was put into circulation. This is the one you now have. The change comes mainly from the chip that composes it, more efficient. Health insurance has thus made it possible to streamline its services in a simple way thanks to proven and effective technology. What could be better ?

Health insurance innovates in the digital age

Even if the vital card that we use nowadays has proven itself and works perfectly well, health insurance is innovating. As you know, all new smartphones released in the past few years are equipped with NFC chips. These allow an instantaneous exchange of information between two equipped devices. Banks are already using this system for contactless payment with bank cards. It is also possible to use your smartphone, or even a connected watch, to pay for your purchases via a virtual card.

It is this principle that health insurance intends to implement. The next Carte Vitale will thus be virtual. It may sound superficial, but there is definitely an advantage to the physical card. Indeed, your data can be updated continuously and live. For the physical card, as you know, you need to update your data in pharmacies. In addition, it will be much easier to obtain power of attorney, update personal data, and have access to reimbursement monitoring.

The apCV application will be available for free on iOS and Android, and will therefore allow you to manage your health insurance at any time and with ease. For the moment, the digital Vitale card is tested in ten departments but its deployment on a national scale will be effective from next year.

Will the classic Carte Vitale still be valid?

The deployment of the digital Carte Vitale raises some questions from the French. Indeed, NFC technology in our smartphones is no longer new. But not everyone has a state-of-the-art smartphone. In fact, there is still a good part of the population that simply does not have a smartphone at all! All this, without even mentioning seniors and people who are not very skilled with technology. This launch seems somewhat premature, while many French people are still reluctant to have a digital bank card, or even to pay without contact.

Rest assured, your physical Carte Vitale will continue to work as usual! You will of course need to update it in your pharmacy regularly. Health insurance does not intend to stop the operation of its smart card anytime soon. However, faced with the practical side of the smartphone application, it is very likely that many fellow citizens will be tempted by this new technology. We don’t yet know for how long it will be possible to use your physical Carte Vitale. However, we may have a great decade ahead of us. Will you take the leap right away? At Objeko, we can’t wait to see the result, hoping that everything works as planned…

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