Will there be a third season of Bridgerton? Daphne and the characters leaving

Although there is still no exact date for the premiere of the new season of Bridgerton, some advances have already been revealed about what we will be able to see in the next installment, including the romance in which the story will revolve around and some of the hottest scenes that await their viewers.

Shonda Rhimes herself, who is also known for the hit series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ would have commented that she was looking to turn the story around because the script was turning a bit dark and she was not liking the path the series would have taken. so making these arrangements would indicate that the series it would take a little longer to release although this is not entirely confirmed.

What we do know is that those sensual scenes where they show their characters at their most hot will continue and in fact it was thanks to simone ashley that it was known how the actors were prepared before filming, telling that they took sexual intimacy classes and analyzing the mating of different animals, including snails.

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They are the characters that Bridgerton will say goodbye to in its third season

As is well known, the love story that the new installment of the series will present to us will be between collin Y Penelope, who have placed themselves as one of the favorite couples of Bridgerton and have remained faithful to the novels of Julia Quinn.

But with this romance, new characters will also arrive, of whom we already know three of them, ‘Marcus Anderson’ interpreted by daniel francis, ‘Lord Debling’ Y james phoon who will embody Henry Dankworthwho will be the characters that will sow doubt in Penelope and his love.

As usual, the series focuses its story on one character, so the main characters they are evolving as the plot of the story progresses, some go on to still ‘background’ or become secondary, to make way for others, or, on the other hand, some stop appearing absenting only of a season either of history.

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Goodbye Daphne Basset and other characters in the third season of Bridgerton

It was during the festival Sundance that phoebe dynevor commented during the promotion of his film fair playan erotic thriller that will be released in Netflix which in fact shone for its criticism, was when the actress who played Daphne Basset commented that will not return in the next installment of the series, but that does not rule out a new appearance in future seasons.

Who also said that he would not return to the third season was Charitra Chandran who played edwina sharmaconfirmed that he would not return because for now he is working on other projects, the same luck had the character of Calam Lynch who had a fleeting relationship with Eloise Bridgerton. Ruby Stokeswho played ‘Francesca’ she also said goodbye to her character, being supplanted by Hannah Dodd.