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Reconciliation in sight? the peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa he would have had a romantic date with his ex-partner Patricia Llosa, with whom he was married for more than 50 years.

The Spanish press reported on this supposed evening that took place in Madrid. According to the “It’s Noon” program, the novelist and his ex-wife dined at a well-known Italian restaurant located in the center of the Spanish capital last Tuesday.

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They were accompanied by their daughter Morgana and one of their granddaughters. “The couple enjoyed a romantic and intimate evening at one of the writer’s favorite Italian restaurants. Let’s remember that it is the first time that her former partner has been seen since the separation from Vargas Llosa,” they said in the report.

Since December 28, the date on which the separation between the Nobel winner and socialite Isabel Preysler was made public, speculation about a possible reconciliation with her ex-partner continues to grow.

So far neither the writer nor Patricia Llosa have confirmed the rumors. However, it was announced that Patricia will be next to the writer on February 9, in the act in which he will be invested as a member of the prestigious French Academy of Language.

Isabel Preysler against Vargas Llosa?

Various Spanish media have reported the existence of a revealing letter that Patricia Llosa would have sent to Isabel Preysler, who had an affair with the author of ‘The city and the dogs’. In it, supposedly, she warns him about the multiple infidelities of Vargas Llosa and even tells him that it is a “whim”.

The journalist Pilar Vidal indicated that Preysler would have leaked the content of this letter in which the Peruvian would have been happy about the breakup of the couple because she would have hopes of being able to return with the novelist.

According to Vidal, Llosa told him about the consensual infidelities and told him that he should not have taken the Nobel winner’s intentions seriously. She would also have told him intimacies about her relationship, such as that “although the marriage may seem broken, it had been going on for many years, because he He has the habit of disappearing for a month with a woman”.


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