William and Kate break up their appointment

Prince William and Duchess Kate are currently traveling in the Commonwealth and are not well received everywhere. A demonstration broke out in a village in Belize.

In a small village in Belize, some citizens demonstrated against the arrival of Prince William (39) with Duchess Kate (40). The royal couple is currently touring the Commonwealth. The occasion is the 70th anniversary of the throne of the Queen (95). When William and Kate want to go on a trip to a cocoa farm in Belize, there is a demo, as the British “Daily Mail” reports. The locals of the small village of Indian Creek perceive the visit of the two royals as “colonialism” and a “slap in the face”.

The demonstrators held up signs that read, among other things, “Prince William, leave our country”, “Our country, our livelihood” and “The colonial legacy of theft continues with the Prince and the FFI”.

Long-standing dispute over municipal land rights

The background to this is a long-standing dispute over municipal land rights. Flora and Fauna International (FFI) is a charity of which Prince William has been a patron since 2020. She owns an adjacent, disputed property.

William and Kate should have landed the helicopter on a football field in the village. But this angered the residents, most of whom belong to the Kekchí tribe. They weren’t involved in the planning.

“We don’t want them to land on our land – that’s the message we want to send. They could end up anywhere, but not on our land,” Indian Creek village chief Dionisio Shol told the Daily Mail “.

Dionisio Shol continued: “These are high quality people, we respect them, but they also have to show respect to the leaders of the community. Giving orders didn’t sit well with the community.”

Further visits by William and Kate are planned in the Commonwealth member states of Jamaica, the Bahamas and Belize.