William called her back during the Queen’s funeral

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry miss their children “like crazy”. For a clarifying conversation with King Charles III. however, they could stay. Meanwhile, the British are discussing a blunder that Princess Kate is said to have allowed herself to say goodbye to the queen.

Update from September 21, 2022 (17:30): Two days after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II († 96, 2022), the funeral service made headlines – also thanks to Meghan Markle (41) and Princess Kate (40), between whom a strange scene is said to have happened during the ceremony. Attentive observers noticed that Prince William’s 40-year-old wife (40) apparently forgot the sitting protocol in St. George’s Chapel.

Accordingly, Kate and her son George (9) are said to have purposefully headed for a place on the wooden benches that was not assigned to them. Her husband, who is said to have instructed his wife to wait, immediately noticed the mistake. Particularly spicy: Kate would have pushed herself in front of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with whom she is said to have a difficult relationship, but then had to make room for the 41-year-old. So, thanks to William’s attention, protocol appears to have been followed despite the minor faux pas.

Update from September 21, 2022 (15:30): London – The rumors about Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) don’t stop. As nobility expert Neil Sean has now revealed, the Duchess of Sussex is said to be King Charles III. asked for a one-on-one interview in a personal letter. She wanted to “make a clean sweep”, according to the expert working for the US broadcaster. Apparently, Meghan is trying to put the relationship between her and the royal family back together. However, this would delay a possible trip home again. (JE)

First report from September 21, 2022 (12:30 p.m.): London – Palace sources reported the Sussexes’ desire to return to Montecito, their US adopted home, as soon as possible after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022). No wonder: After almost three weeks abroad, the longing to be reunited with their two small children Archie (3) and Lilibet (15 months) should be huge, despite all the grief for Prince Harry’s (38) grandmother.

The tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II prolonged the Sussexes’ stay

Another night at Frogmore Cottage, where she lived on the grounds of Windsor Castle in London, is therefore a mystery. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were already on a tumultuous charity tour in Britain when the Queen died unexpectedly – the couple then extended their stay to give the monarch the final escort. But a YouTube video also reports a meeting to see Meghan King Charles III. should have asked.

William called her back during the Queen’s funeral
Meghan and Harry apparently still want to meet King Charles III. before finally returning to their children after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. (photomontage). © Papis Starface/Imago & i Images/Imago

It is said that she wants to “clean the slate”, reports Sky News and shows a YouTube video by Neil Sean. “She now wishes to have a personal audience with King Charles III before returning to California. have,” Neil Sean said in the clip. “That’s right, Megan Markle in private with King Charles III. You heard me right.” Nothing is confirmed, of course, but insider news often lacks the famous spark of truth.

Reconstruction of the events on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

According to the Telegraph, 38-year-old Prince Harry was on a flight to Aberdeen when he received the news of King Charles III’s death. reached. The couple then extended their stay in the UK and attended every opportunity they were able to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s farewell. Experts agree it’s a golden opportunity for reconciliation with the royal family after the Sussexes bid farewell to royal rights and duties in January 2020.

It was also the first time brothers Prince William and Prince Harry have been seen together since the Queen’s Jubilee thanksgiving service in June, sitting on opposite sides of the church and not greeting each other. But there may have been meetings behind the scenes.

Rumor has it that Meghan has formally requested a meeting with King Charles

Prince Harry and Meghan embarked on a week-long tour of Europe on September 4, including attending the One Young World Summit in Manchester and the opening of the Düsseldorf Invictus Games 2023 in Germany. However, three days into the journey, the Queen’s health deteriorated rapidly and Prince Harry rushed to her deathbed, tragically finding her dead.

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Sean claimed his source told him the Duchess of Sussex, 41, made the request in a “formal letter” and that the meeting would serve to clarify the situation, sort right from wrong and clarify the Reasons for their actions in the last two years. Adds Sean, “You have to admire Meghan’s confidence no matter what you think of her.” Sources used: thesun.co.uk, pagesix.com, skynews.com.au, telegraph.co.uk, n-tv.de