William Levy goes to the police station during his stay in Malaga

    Yes, William Levy is one of the actors of the moment. You probably know him for his role as Sebastián Vallejo in the telenovela ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, although lately his name has come up a lot considering what happened in the solidarity gala ‘Starlite’ in Marbella. In it, three kisses from the actor were auctioned for a figure of 28,000 euros. Very strong!

    Taking advantage of this commitment in Marbella, the actor stayed a few more days to disconnect on the Costa del Sol and enjoy a mini vacation there. So far so good, right? The problem came hours before leaving. In fact, the paparazzi Jordi Martín reported that the actor went to the Malaga airport police station with two escorts to escort him to his private plane.

    william levy goes to the police station during his stay in malaga

    William Levy giving one of the kisses auctioned off during the ‘Starlite’ solidarity gala.


    “My surprise is that he is not going to take the private flight, that He goes to the police station, unloads his bags and stays there for about three hours. They tell me that the police protect him so that the fans don’t harass him at the airport,” explained Jordi Martín, who also stressed that he did not see him as unfriendly at any time with the press.

    According to paparazzi statements, William Levy he did not feel entirely safe and went to the airport police station to carry out your trip with total peace of mind. The actual reason? We do not know. At first it was thought that it was due to a possible agglomeration of fans, but Miquel Valls in the program ‘It’s already noon’ I affirm that “they say there is someone chasing him and that what they are doing is protecting him, he waits these three hours before taking the flight and leaving”.

    What will be the real theory?