William Levy’s son, Christopher, changed his look: he shaved his hair and this is what he looks like now (photo) | Famous

Despite their differences as a couple, both artists have been able to put the children they had in their time together as their priority.

This was demonstrated on the respective birthdays of the offspring, dates on which each dedicated words of affection to the party in question.

It must be remembered that the couple had two descendants: Christopher was the first of their offspring to arrive, in March 2006, while Kailey Alexandra arrived the same month, but from 2010.

William Levy’s son is constantly compared to his famous dad

Being the firstborn of one of a famous soap opera heartthrob, Christopher has been in the public eye for many years.

Thanks to this, his fans have seen him turn from a charismatic boy to a full-fledged teenager. At this time, comparisons between father and son have not been lacking, especially by the fans of the actor.

The young man’s Instagram account, for example, is full of comments such as “twins”, “two drops of water”, “just the same”, “you look a lot like William Levy”, “they are the same” and more, especially in the photographs that he shares with the Cuban actor.

The characteristics that William Levy inherited from his son are, without a doubt, the smile, eyes and chin. Although, the resemblance between the two is accentuated even more on the occasions in which the young man wears some golden blonde locks, a look with which his father made his way on the small screen.

There is little information about Christopher Levy’s personal life: he is a baseball fan (he plays sports) and has a girlfriend whose identity is unknown at this time.

William Levy’s son shows off his girlfriend with kisses included

William Levy’s son got a makeover

It was his mother, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who updated his fans on the renewed image of the 16-year-old.

On June 29, he posted a photo of Christopher with his friends in his Instagram stories, in which you can see that his firstborn has a completely shaved head.

This new look, without a doubt, refined his features and made him move slightly away from the physique with the Cuban actor. For his part, the teenager simply replicated the same image on his own Instagram account, without adding any comments.

What do you think of the change of look of William Levy’s son? Do you think he looks less like his dad like this?