“William punched me to the ground”: Prince Harry ends up burying his fractured relationship with his brother in a revelation that sentences him by saying that he is his “archenemy” | People | Entertainment

Spare, the book of prince harry It is not yet for sale and now the incendiary memories are once again unleashing a great controversy inside and outside the royal family. Until January 10, the content of her autobiography can be read in a release that includes 16 languages, but content has already been leaked in which the husband of Meghan Markle reveals that William He hit it.

The stories of the youngest son of the Princess Diana they leave a host of questions, while he makes it known that he wants reconciliation with his brother and his father, a peace that seems distant in the midst of his explosive confessions.

Meanwhile, the British press does not stop headlining the most expressive accusations that the minor of the King Charles IIIhas in his new book that will come out after the United Kingdom experienced the death of the Queen isabel II.

The conflict between Prince Harry and William ends in blows between brothers

A few days after its release, the book “Spare” describes a violent episode between William and Harry that culminated in beatings. The impasse It goes back to the year 2019, in the London house, Nottingham Cottage, when William described Meghan Markle as “difficult”, “rude” and “unpleasant”, which upset Harry when he thought that everything the press was talking about was repeated of his wife, published The Guardian.

The moment heated up and the words ended in a denouement that now comes to light. “She left the water, called me by another name, then came to me. It all happened so fast, very fast. He grabbed me by the neck, ripped my necklace and punched me to the ground, ”Harry said when describing what the terrible scene of violence between brothers was like.

He said that they exchanged insults and seeing how heated the atmosphere was, he walked towards the kitchen in search of a glass of water, while William convinced him by saying that he was only trying to help him.

“Are you serious? Help me? I’m sorry, is that what you call this? Helping me?” Harry would ask his older brother incredulously. This response infuriated him even more and so he began to walk behind Harry, cursing, and angrier to grab him by the neck and stage the terrible episode of violence.

He recounted that as a result of the blow he received, he fell to the ground, on top of a bowl of dog food, which broke and stuck into his back. He pointed out that he was stunned and remained on the floor for a few minutes, until he managed to stand up to ask his brother to leave the room.

Harry explains in his memoirs that the qualifications against his wife began because of the claim that William made because Meghan had a few words to Kate Middleton which were not well received by the current Princess of Wales.

The future heir to the crown was obfuscated when he complained about Meghan and her comment to Kate, telling her that she must have “baby brains because of her hormones”.

And although Meghan apologized and clarified that this was how she spoke to her friends, the claim ultimately led to the dispute between the brothers.

Harry says that his brother returned to the room remorseful, apologizing and asking him not to tell his wife anything. He preferred at the time not to tell about the bitter fight, but the bruises on his back finally gave him away and he revealed what happened to Markle.

To this revelation, Lady Di’s minor leaves another lapidary confession, calling his brother “Archienemy”, as he admits that there has always been competition between them due to their roles in the royal family, where William is the “heir” to the crown and he just a “spare”, as his father called him when he was born. (AND)

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