William Valdés is still in bad shape and now it was against Flor Rubio

In recent days he has already quarreled with Jolette on social networks and criticized Lola Cortesbut William Valdés seems to continue to explode at the slightest provocation and this time he did it live, on the program ‘Venga la alegría’.

It happened in the section of the CAPI Pérez character, ‘Margarita McKenzie’, where she involves the drivers to “improve” aspects of the company. This time the presenters suggested a new reality show for the morning show and each one presented their proposal.

When it was the turn of William Valdés, who proposed a reality show for television producers, Flor Rubio annoyed him: “Oh, now, William, you took too long.”

Contrary to his New Year’s resolution, not to get so angry on the air, William Valdés immediately exploded and ordered the journalist to shut up: “Let’s see, Flor, you had your time, shut up!”

He was noticed by the public and criticized on the show’s YouTube channel.

Just a few days ago, the driver of Cuban origin refused to apologize to Jolette after criticizing her for not knowing how to sing. She reprimanded him but he told her her typical phrase: “sit down, ma’am.”

Of course, William insists that he is also bothered in ‘Venga la alegría’, without mentioning that on social networks he has dozens of detractors who ask him to go to another country. In fact, Valdés has already written that he hopes that the wishes of those who want him outside of Mexico will be fulfilled.