William would be furious with Harry after his new revelations

Prince William would have taken very badly the new revelations made by Prince Harry in his memoirs “The Substitute”, to be published on January 10, but several extracts of which have already been revealed. A private unpacking that would call into question the confidence he has in his brother.

A breaking point. While Prince Harry notably returned in his memoirs to a violent argument between his older brother and him, during which Prince William would have come to blows according to Harry, William would not at all appreciate this public unpacking of episodes of private order. He would even be furious, according to sources close to the eldest son of Charles III quoted by Vanity Fair.

A damaged trust

In addition to the damage caused to the royal family, William would also doubt the trust he can now place in his younger brother in private. There is “a huge problem of trust,” said this source. At the center of his concerns, he seems in particular to fear that his private conversations with his younger brother will then be relayed against his will.

“William is worried about everything and that everything he says will be made public”, explained a source to the magazine shortly before Christmas, and specified: “For the moment, he will not comment or react, his plan is to overcome everything”.

A course of action and a lack of reaction to the controversies that Prince William, like the rest of the royal family, have adopted since the shock interview granted by Meghan and Harry to Oprah Winfrey, in March 2021. “At the end of the day, he will always be the Prince of Wales, and that is what he is focused on,” concludes this relative. A sense of duty and loyalty to the British monarchy which could further widen the gap between the two brothers.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2023-01-06/le-prince-william-furieux-contre-son-frere-harry-apres-ses-nouvelles-revelations