Willy Gutiérrez, father of Lisset and professor at La Academia, first generation, dies

Guillermo, Willy Gutiérrez, died this Tuesday, his 76th birthday. Singer, musician, composer, arranger, musical director, record producer and teacher of the talent of the first generation of the reality show of La Academia.

His daughter, the singer Lisset, confirmed the news this Wednesday through her Instagram account.

“With a very deep pain I share with you that the greatest love, my adoration, my teacher, my mentor, my sensei, my guide, my daddy, the most loving last night on the very day of his birthday,-Tuesday 18, He transcended to another plane, leaving in his wake a great legacy of teaching and above all a lot of love!”

In the long and emotional message, the singer shared that her father was an artist with “76 years of deeply loving music and being the best human being that God could send me, the best dad, the best husband, the best son, the best brother, the best friend and without a doubt the best teacher.”

He added that the also teacher of many singers, “He lived a life full of love, a life full of God. A life that was worth is worth and will be worth remembering. Our titan fought against lymphatic cancer and fought until the end, after operations, radio, chemo, pulmonary thrombosis and two pneumonias and he kept fighting. God did not want him to suffer and he did not suffer. He did not find out about everything that his little body received.”

In addition, she shared that between her family work obligations, she was absent for a long time, “I dedicated myself body and soul to being with my family, in the hospital, in the calls of My fortune is to love you and to top it off I came out positive for Covid, I’m on my way out, thank God.”

What did Willy Gutierrez die of?

The artist suffered from lymphatic cancer for which he was admitted to the hospital last Thursday, January 6, where he was intubated, received hemodialysis, underwent a tracheostomy and had three catheters placed, but his strength escaped him, like his life.

Since last Thursday the 6th, Lisset herself has requested blood and platelet donors for whom in life was called Leobardo Guillermo Gutiérrez Campoy and Lisset clarified at the time that her father was not admitted to the hospital due to Covid-19. He is survived by his wife, daughter and granddaughter Maria Lisardo Gutierrez.

Who was Willy Gutierrez?

Maestro Gutiérrez, with a 53-year career, even with the pandemic, kept the Willy Gutiérrez Cultural Center virtually running, where he taught singing, dancing, acting and learning musical instruments; was part of the musical movement in Mexico and Latin America by forging international figures of the stature of Thalía, Cristian Castro, and Dulce.

He also provided musical instruction to Diego Boneta, Yahir, Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia, Yuridia, María del Sol, Víctor García, Daniel Masciarelli and his own daughter Lisset. He had his own record label to support new talent in singing and musical theater.

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In the beginning, he was the musical director of the Teatro de los Insurgentes as well as the program Mala noche no, hosted by Verónica Castro in the 1980s.