“Win”, El Canelo refuses to be beaten by Dmitry Bivol

The days go by and the Mexicans keep talking about the meeting that The cinnamon had with the boxer from Russia, Dmitry Bivol, who was crowned champion by unanimous decision last Saturday in Las Vegas.

Boxing experts have mentioned that the Russian landed all his punches, while Saul El Canelo Alvarez He could not attack fully, nor complete a decisive blow to the young man who came out into the ring with all his power and hungry to win.

After the defeat of The cinnamon A wave of intense speculation was unleashed, no one could believe that he had lost this match, since the Mexican boxer has his fans accustomed to winning, so this time his way of fighting caused an impact.

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With a score of 115 – 113 in favor of the light heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Association, The cinnamon had to face defeat. Although it is difficult for him to accept the quality of boxer that Dmitry Bivol is.

The Guadalajara champion does not entirely agree with what the judges saw at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, which is why he spoke in some interviews and will ensure that did not losefor which his fans gave him their unconditional support.

I felt like I won, but that’s the way it is. I recognize that he is a great boxer. I’m not going to make excuses, commented El Canelo.

Undoubtedly, the young man’s statements caused a stir on the Internet, there are many who were amazed at the alleged beating the russian gave himsince it is the first time that Saúl El Canelo is seen in this uncomfortable situation, since the loss did not favor him.

Although the Mexican lost, he took millions of dollars to the bag, surely with the rematch he will make his fortune grow even more and show what he is made of and will bring out the caste for the win.

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He is a young man who has emerged victorious in most of his fightsso it is expected that he will study Bivol carefully in order to attack and now win the next match.

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