Winner at Bachelor2022: Are Dominik Stuckmann and the winner a couple?

On RTL it says again: “Do you want to accept this rose?” As a new single man on “Der Bachelor” 2022, Dominik Stuckmann is currently looking for great love. What is known about the new season of the dating show? Has the winner already been decided? Are you and the bachelor a couple?

Warning, spoilers! This article refers to the broadcast of “The Bachelor” on RTL +. The episodes will be broadcast a week earlier than on free TV.

The new Bachelor 2022: This is known about Dominik Stuckmann

Dominik Stuckmann, the twelfth Rosenkavalier on RTL, is 29 years old, was born in Frankfurt am Main and currently lives in Gran Canaria. He attended an elite sports school and studied sports management, but then decided to pursue a career as an IT specialist.

In addition, the new bachelor advises companies and invests in start-ups. “None of this fell into my lap. I’ve been through many nights and a lot has suffered from it,” he says. Will he remain true to his job after participating in “The Bachelor”? After all, some of the predecessors started careers as influencers and TV stars.

Blonde, fit and hungry for love: Dominik Stuckmann is the twelfth RTL"Bachelor".

New Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann: How do you know the Rosenkavalier?


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These beauties want to get their bachelor's degree...

Bachelor candidates 2022: Single Dominik Stuckmann is spoiled for choice


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Dominik Stuckmann is looking for a girlfriend on TV as a bachelor

Dominik Stuckmann has been single for nine months. Now he wants to try his luck on a dating show and find the woman for life there. The 29-year-old also has very precise ideas: “My dream woman should be adventurous, a spontaneous person with a very warm heart – and ready for any nonsense.”

Details about “The Bachelor” 2022: broadcast dates, episodes and broadcast

Fans of the dating format could hardly wait for the start of the new Bachelor season. On Instagram, numerous viewers were already looking forward to the broadcast of the first episodes. “I’m looking forward to it! It will be my TV highlight in winter,” wrote ex-candidate Vanessa Prinz for the first trailer.

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“Der Bachelor” started on RTL on January 26th. An episode of the dating show airs every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. Customers of the streaming service RTL+ were able to enjoy the season premiere a week earlier, on January 19.

When is the finale of “The Bachelor” 2022?

A total of ten episodes of the dating show will be broadcast. The “Bachelor” finale runs on March 30 on RTL, on RTL + a week earlier.

who is out These candidates have already left “Der Bachelor” 2022

In every episode Dominik Stuckmann has to say goodbye to some ladies. Which participants did not get a rose from the bachelor?

  • In the ninth episode (March 23) will be eliminated: Nele Wüstenberg (28) from Hamburg
  • Eliminated in the eighth episode (March 16): Chiara Fröhlich (30) from Cologne and Christina Nicolardi (27) from Munich.
  • Eliminated in the seventh episode (09 March): Franziska Temme (26) from Kassel and Emily von Strasser (23) from Klagenfurt.
  • Eliminated in the sixth episode (02 March): Yasmin Vogt (23) from Fürth and Lara Honner (23) from Memmingen.
  • Eliminated in the fifth episode (February 23): Chiara Madonna (24) from Hamburg, Valeria Pérez Cortés (22) from Ludwigsfelde and Christina Aurora (30) from Munich.
  • Eliminated on episode four (February 16): Bobette Landu (26) from Munich and Susanna Bouchain (33) from Hamburg.
  • Eliminated in the third episode (February 9): Josephine Fischer (25) from Rehren and Natalie Dlabolova (24) from Erlangen. Christina Rusch (23) from Hermersberg went voluntarily.
  • Eliminated in the second episode (February 2nd): Claudia (24) from Klagenfurt and Giannina (21) from Viersen. Irina (29) from Leipzig and Vivian (28) from Moers went voluntarily.
  • Eliminated in the first episode (January 26).: Bella Otyakovskiy (24) from Kiel, Elina Schuster (25) from Bad Rappenau and Jenny Cheong (22) from Dortmund.

Finalists in “The Bachelor”: These candidates fight for Dominik’s heart

The finalists of “The Bachelor” 2022 have been determined: Anna Rossow (33) from Hamburg and Jana-Maria Herz (29) from Marbella are the last candidates fighting for Dominik Stuckmann’s heart and love. RTL will show the finale on March 30th. The last episode can be seen a week earlier on the streaming provider RTL+.

Winner of “The Bachelor” 2022: Has Dominik Stuckmann found a girlfriend?

Experience has shown that all episodes of “The Bachelor” are already finished before the start of TV. Accordingly, it should already be clear which lady conquered Dominik Stuckmann’s heart in the finale of “The Bachelor”.

The probability that the bachelor will give a lady the last rose is high. In the history of the show, it has only happened once that a bachelor (Sebastian Preuss) has not chosen a woman. However, the winner must remain secret until the final is broadcast, otherwise high contractual penalties are threatened.

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Is Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann still with the winner?

The relationship status may not be revealed before the reunion show is broadcast. If Dominik Stuckmann actually found a girlfriend among the candidates, the two should not appear in public. So the relationship has to be kept secret so that the fans don’t lose the fun and spoil the excitement.

However, a love found in the RTL dating universe is ill-fated. Hardly a TV couple is still together today. Most recently, ex-Bachelorette Melissa Damilia and friend Leander separated.

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