Winner of ‘My name’ confronted Marbelle for the decision she made in ‘La descarga’

The program The discharge continues to give something to talk about among the faithful viewers of the Snail Channel with each of the chapters that he presents night after night. The stories, participants, and moments take center stage among the fans, who applaud the obvious emerging talent in the national industry who arrives on stage to seek a new opportunity.

Little by little, the quotas are reduced to form the first group of 44 participants of the musical project, so the mentors become much stricter when choosing the future voices that will go to the next round. Several talents that were winners in other reality shows were left out of the format, leaving those who expected to see them fighting among the best contestants of this proposal unsavory.

This was the case of Albert Sánchez, who gave life to Roberto Carlos and was the winner of the 2019 season of My name is. The participant took the stage and conquered three of the coaches with his vocal talent and the resemblance he had with the Latino artist, seeking to advance in the competition.

However, despite his style and professionalism to imitate Roberto Carlos, the singer failed to advance to the next phase due to Marbelle’s consideration. the interpreter of addicted to pain she didn’t push her button and eliminated the contestant, who didn’t miss the opportunity to confront her, in a good way, about the decision she made at the audition.

According to what was recorded in the chapter, once the time for the presentation ended, Sánchez thanked him for the opportunity he had given him.The discharge’ and wanted to promote his work as a popular artist, noting that he is making his way into the genre. In the middle of these words, Marbelle highlighted her potential and wished her the best in the future, receiving a question from the imitator.

Marbelle, but before I go I want to know why you didn’t hit him. What was it that you didn’t like?”, said the singer to the mentor, to which she replied: “I loved everything, but the level in La descarga is very powerful (…) I feel that at the vocal level there are things to adjust”.

It’s not you, it’s Me”, Roberto Carlos added, laughing, as a counterpoint, for which Marbelle emphasized that she hoped to meet Albert again in the future, but singing popular music. Santiago Cruz was amused by this exchange of messages, highlighting the beautiful interpretation that Sánchez did on stage.

Marbelle went ‘flirty’ with a participant from ‘La descarga’

According to what was evidenced in one of the previous chapters, the presentation of Sebastián Molina, remembered for impersonating Ricardo Arjona in My name isleft the coaches speechless, who highlighted his talent, his vocal power and the artistic capacity that he projected on stage.

At the end of this interpretation, the participant told a little about his life, his experience and the personal process that he has carried out over the years. Marbelle took the opportunity to applaud her words and exalt the talent that she embodies in the shows she gives, aspiring to be part of the evolution that Molina was looking for in her career.

“The therapy will be here, it will be here, hopefully we can be part of that process and that evolution. That we can see you shine, ”said the popular artist in her intervention, opening the way to a series of praise for the physical appearance of the Argentine singer.

As recorded, the celebrity assured that Molina was very attractive and had a lot of bearing on stage, so she did not miss the opportunity to exalt these characteristic features that contribute to her image as an artist.

Also, I want to tell you: daddy. You are very handsome. It has a very nice demeanor to be on stage, I love it”, said the Colombian.

The singer Gusi did not miss the moment and the ‘flirting’ of his partner, so he told him to give Sebastián Molina a “kiss”. Marbelle confirmed that she would have this gesture with the contestant, but he had to go to her position to receive it. “If you want the kiss, you have to come for it,” she jokingly mentioned, before having this gesture with the participant.