winner went face to face when going up for her prize

With total success, the 38th edition of the India Catalina Awards was held in Cartagena on the night of this Sunday, March 20, in which Señal Colombia was one of the big winners and controversy arose on social networks, where people He commented on his opinions about the winners.

hashtags such as #IndiaCatalina or #IndiaCatalia2022 were a trend in social networks throughout the event that was broadcast by Señal Colombia. In your comments, some netizens spoke for and against the winners of this ceremonyespecially in the alternative categories.

However, one of the most striking events of the day was carried out by the production team of Emma Reyes, the imprint of childhooda telenovela from the National System of Public Media that was the revelation of this gala by winning four statuettes, including the best telenovela.

Precisely when this prize was being awarded, the last of the night, the incident occurred that generated moments of anguish among the attendees. At the moment when the entire team of this production went up to the stage to claim ita woman who is part of them tripped on the stairs and fell on her face in the middle of the platform.

Although the incident did not escalate, the woman got up immediately and, according to the organizers of the event, it was not more serious, this fact was widely commented on social networks, in which the attitude of one of his colleagues was even criticized who received the award.

In the video you can see how the woman gets entangled with the stairs when going up, falls and hits her face. Also that she was immediately helped by several colleagues who were close to her and, although after that the transmission focused on who received the award, it was learned that she was quickly taken to the medical team, who ruled out any seriousness.

A very emotional ceremony

Among the most emotional moments of the ceremony was the recognition of actress Margoth Velásquez, who won the Víctor Nieto award for a lifetime, for her artistic career that exceeds 50 years and becomes the first Afro woman to receive this award. .

also when tribute was paid to actors, artists and other members of the television industry Colombian women who died in the midst of the pandemic.

“Thanks to the creator, my family and all the people who have crossed my path and have played an important role during these more than 50 years of artistic career. […]. Opening the way is always more complex and it becomes an experience full of challenges, because while we build our dream, we open the way for those who come after us. As an Afro actress, this has not been easy, but it has been wonderful”, Velasquez said in his speech.

The actresses Majida Issa, famous for her participation in Without breasts there is paradise, and Natasha Klaus, who has also been part of many productions on Colombian television, were in charge of presenting the event, which was enlivened by artists such as Giblack, who is trending in recent days for his song The little planewhich has positioned itself as one of the most recently listened to champetas.

Señal Colombia was the big winner of the night, in which it won nine prizes for the programs Professor Super O, The cats, Zander, the others, Goga rolls around the world and Emma Reyes, the imprint of childhood. The latter turned out to be the most awarded production with four statuettes, including best telenovela, series or miniseries.