Winnie-the-Pooh: the provocative reinterpretation of director Rhys Drake-Waterfield – El Sol de México

As soon as they were released Copyright from the book “Winnie The Pooh” by Alan Alexander Milne, in early 2022, the filmmaker Rhys Frake-Waterfield thought it was a great time to create a story completely removed from the child version.

This is how he came up with the idea of ​​a slasher version, which portrays a abandoned bear and thirsty for revenge. To do this, he adhered as closely as possible to the original description of the bookand just let your imagination run wild.

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“Everyone has the same initial image of the bear, at least before this one. movie. You always linked it to the Disney, and you thought of the yellow bear. But we return to the original, to the 1926 book“.

“From there we wondered what ways we could go with it, and from there we went on a huge tangent. For those who love the animated version, and even the bookThis is “Winnie The Pooh”two meters, really big, powerful and strong”.


The headband It is set years after “Christopher Robin” (Nikolai Leon) stops hanging out with his friends from the Hundred Acre Woodcausing them to go wild, and return to haunt a group of young people who are traveling in a remote cabin.

The filming of the headband lasted only two weeks, so the biggest challenge faced by the filmmaker to shoot the movie was a race against time. And it is that throughout the almost hundred films independent in which he has participated Rhys Frake-Waterfield, they used to have more days of filming.

“We had to be very fast and have a lot of reels, to take advantage of the time and make the murder scenes as cool as possible, because that’s what people look for in a horror movie,” he said.

They defend the physical format

In full era of streamingthe director calls on the public to dust off their DVD players, and acquire the movie in physical format, after passing through the cinemas.

“We have a lot of extras, behind the scenes, bloopers, deleted scenes, fan art, we put it all there. Because when it went viral, a lot of people sent us their skits and art pieces, and we tried to put them on the DVD,” he noted.

Andrew Scott Bellthe composer of the soundtrack of the movieadded that his interest in offering this additional content is due to the fact that followers of this genre used to collect the filmsand even classify them, and it is your desire to offer a piece of value to those people.

“This is very important to horror fans, because they buy it and keep it on their shelves. There are those who order it by number of murders, ‘this one has less, this one has more’. The physical piece is very important to the fans, so I’m very happy that it’s going to come out in a physical format.”


One of the clips included in the DVD is where the process of creating part of the soundtrackwhich was set to music with a violin that was part of a very peculiar art installation.

I had seen an article from a artist that he put a violin inside a honeycomb, I wrote to him to see if he still had it and it turned out that he forgot,” Andrew said.

“(The instrument) had been sitting there for two years, so I went to San Francisco to get it out, and it was full of honey inside and out, so we put it back together. At first I thought it would be something fun to tinker with, but it was very interesting, it did sound like bees buzzing,” he revealed.

Winnie The Pooh: Honey and blood”‘, which premieres in cinemas this January 26, will be the first tape of the slasher genre starring children’s characters, with a sequel that will include more characters from the Hundred Acre Woodand an adaptation of “Bambi”, whose shooting begins next month.

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“We’re trying to find other concepts, similar to this one, in terms of that twisted twist. We try to be a bit selective with the characters, because there are so many to choose from, from “Cinderella” until “Beauty and the Beast”but not all of them have the same X factor,” Rhys said.

Winnie The Pooh It has a great contrast, because you would never expect it to be a serial killer, we used that logic, and then we thought about what other concepts we could use that would cause the same shock, “concluded the director.