Wiplash gives an acoustic touch to your music; they use Tik Tok to publicize their proposal – El Sol de México

Success, like great rewards, comes as long as you put effort and a lot of dedication into it.

At least that’s how the Wiplash quartet considers it, who in recent months have conquered big stages like the Lunario of the National Auditoriumone of the floorboards Tecate Pa’l Norte Festival and they were the opening band for the Simple Plan show.

But its popularity did not come overnight, explained the members J Moore (vocals), Saracho (drums), Daniel (bass) and Diego (guitar), since, until just two years ago, at the beginning of their concept they did not have money even to eat.

“Without a doubt, the most difficult thing we have had to face was having been hungry and solving our economic needs; Going hungry definitely makes you grow as a person, in every way,” Moore said.

“We moved to Mexico City, but we didn’t have songs yet, we needed to record them and that takes a lot of money, investment, so the money we had was for that. Our management office supported us a lot to get started, they gave us a place to sleep and they fed us because we really didn’t have enough for our food,” added Daniel.

Separately, each of the musicians shared their talent through the social network tik tok; thus, in 2020, their skills were discovered and brought together to form their concept.

A year later they released their first easy lend me a feelingwhich was part of their debut album RPDF.

tik tokmore than entertainment, for us it is a work tool and wiplash It is an example that, as artists, social networks are a way to make ourselves known, there are many artists and bands who refuse to use these networks, but that is where the error lies because the new generations are growing up in that world.

“We are no longer in the seventies or eighties where there was only TV and radio, right now the best weapon is the social media and if you don’t occupy them you are totally lost”, commented the bass guitarist.

Following the success of their material, the quartet released a new version titled RPDF overdose in which they included some acoustic songs from the original disk and two new songs Ana Y What fart with you?the latter a duet with DAAZ.

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“The theme talks about that roll of affective responsibility, stopping the things you do and that this other person tells you where it is going; it is to tell that person which way he wants to flow, ”said Daniel.

According to Moore, this work marks the end of their first stage as artists, which is why they invited a rapper with a style very different from the traditional one.

“These weyes are to every mother, we stay with the friendship, although we have not lived together much,” said DAAZ.


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