With 3 children you can’t keep your house tidy, regrets Marie Kondo, the guru of order | People | Entertainment

Marie Kondo’s lifestyle, shared in a book and a popular Netflix series, inspired the creation of a routine of order and cleanliness among many of his followerswho chose to follow his technique of throwing away anything in his home that did not arouse joy.

However, the same guru of order confessed that after the birth of her third child, she has given up trying to keep her house tidy, preferring to use her time to share with her family.

“Until now, I was a professional organizer, so I did my best to keep my house tidy at all times,” Kondo said, according to The Washington Post. “I have ceased to be in a good way for me. Now I realize that the important thing for me is to enjoy the time I spend with my children at home.”, he added.

The Japanese organization expert has decided to prioritize her family, and now she focuses on ordering the time she considers precious.

His new philosophy of life is demonstrated in his fifth book, which went on sale last November. Kondo now focuses less on order and more on kurashi, a Japanese concept that roughly translates to “the ideal way to pass the time”.

“My house is messy, but the way i spend time is right for me right now and at this stage of my life,” said the 38-year-old influencer.

Marie Kondo’s family

Kondo, 38, and her husband Takumi Kawahara, 39, were married in 2012. Before becoming the CEO and manager of KonMari Media, Kawahara worked in sales and marketing at a company in Osaka, Japan.

After the couple settled in Los Angeles, their first daughter, Satsuki, was born in 2015. Their second daughter, Miko, followed in 2016. Marie Kondo made it clear that her daughters’ main activity was playing and messing, but they helped organize from time to time.

“My daughters don’t fix the house by themselves, but when I ask for their help they participate. I try to make it fun so they understand that it can be an enjoyable activity,” she told Hello! Mexico.

With the arrival of their third child in 2021, Kondo and Kawahara made the decision to return to live in Japan.

“Right now what gives me joy is playing with my children, spending fun times with them and it’s okay if everything is a bit messy. I don’t want to waste time getting angry. Your children are only little once, so don’t worry, enjoy that time,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“The real purpose of decluttering is not to reduce your possessions or clear up your space. The ultimate goal is to awaken joy every day and lead a happy life. Tidying up means taking care of all the ‘stuff’ in your life,” the tidiness guru wrote in her new book. (AND)