With a blue chikini Tabata Jalil unseats even Galilea Montijo

Once again, the beautiful host of TV Azteca, Tabata Khalil caused a stir on social networks again thanks to the attractive photo session she published a couple of days ago, where she had no problem showing off her biscuit on the shore of the beach while wearing a bikinazo that unseated even Galilee Montijo.

Although the popular television celebrity has been absent from her digital platforms this last week, she took the opportunity to delight the pupils of all her fans with her latest update, in which she was seen backwards to the camera lens with a very flirtatious pose.

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It is well known that Tabata Jalil has become one of the favorites of the Mexican public due to her charismatic personality and unique beauty, with which she has managed to captivate millions of people since she entered the entertainment industry more than two decades ago.

However, the renowned 43-year-old reporter has not only been able to dazzle her viewers on the small screen, but has also been able to capture everyone’s attention on digital platforms, especially on Instagram, where she already has more than 3 million views. followers so far.

With her recent publication through her personal account on the social network of the camera, the successful presenter of Venga la Alegría (VLA) caused all kinds of reactions among Internet users because of the charming landscape that she left on view while enjoying her small vacations in a paradisiacal beach of Mexico.

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Obviously, the photos he posted did not go unnoticed by his fans, since he appeared posing like never before in a bikini in blue color that allowed to admire without problems each one of its curves and all its splendor.

There is no doubt that Tabata Jalil knows very well how to entertain the eyes of his devoted fans, who did not hesitate to send him hundreds of compliments and compliments in the publication, as well as placing thousands of little red hearts to let him know how much they loved it. the photo gallery.

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